Providing accurate, friendly and professional mobile notary services for any legal documents that require notarization.

Examples of some types of documents that need to be notarized: 

General, Financial, Medical and Durable Power of Attorney

Loan closing documents (Seller, Refinance, Purchase, Home Equity Line of Credit, Loan Modification, Reverse Mortgage)

Trust Estate planning documents (Living Trust, Financial Power of Attorney, Will witnessing, Health Care Directive etc.)

Certification of Trust

Quitclaim Deeds, Grant Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Interspousal Transfer Deeds

Business or Personal Documents

Healthcare Directives

Minor Consent to Travel / Consent by one parent for US Passport for a Minor

Oaths / Affidavits and more. 

Discounts available for more than 4 signatures notarized and flat rates fees for email, print and ship loan signings. Please call to request an appointment. 

What You Need For Your Appointment

The primary purpose for using a notary is to prevent fraud.  The signer must meet in person with the notary and prepare to:

Show government issued photo ID. The ID must match the name on the document being notarized. 

Appear to be mentally aware of the purpose of the document, and must voluntarily agree to the terms of the document or swear or affirm that the statements on the document are correct and true.
Know what type of notarization you require (ask the person requesting it if there is no notary certificate provided). It may be an Acknowledgement or a Jurat (with oath/affirmation).